The Future of INSITE Begins With You!

We’re a growing team of engineers, designers, technicians, thinkers, explorers and innovators. At INSITE Project Consulting, we approach work and life with curiosity, thoughtfulness and vision, applying these to every project to design collaborative and innovative solutions for our clients.  The results… people just like you and I get to live, connect and thrive in the communities that our clients develop. 

Build your career with INSITE

When you build your career with INSITE you’ll encounter unique opportunities to grow and develop your career for the long term.  Seasoned professionals and new talent will benefit from our leadership team who are here to guide you by helping you set achievable career objectives, discuss skills and interests, and offer valuable feedback and encouragement.


At INSITE, you’ll also find progressive peers to share the journey with you, to help you measure your growth and opportunity in your chosen field. So, while the initiative is yours, we’ll take your career development seriously and support you along the way. It’s all about Our Shared Success!


Here at INSITE we know that when we have the right people with the right skills all working together with our clients towards our shared goals, everyone succeeds. A principle that is reflected in our approach to every aspect of our work, our client service, and our corporate culture.

A Career at INSITE Offers:

Job Opportunities

Career - Students

Students and Early Career

As a student employee with INSITE, you’ll get to know the world of consulting!  You’ll have a safe workplace where you’ll be welcomed, energized, and supported by our team.  You will gain valuable work experience and build credible skills while fully engaged alongside seasoned professionals. 

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Seasoned professional featured image

Seasoned Professionals

Seasoned professionals thrive on new opportunities to develop depth and breadth of experience, feeling valued and finding balance through INSITE’s progressive and innovative approach.

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Work Life Balance In Kingston, Ontario

No matter what life stage you’re in, there are so many reasons to live and work in Kingston! The spectacular Thousand Islands archipelago starts in Kingston, as does the Rideau Canal. Our economy is booming, our commutes are short, and our homes are affordable.


Just an easy drive away from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, in the heart of eastern Ontario, Kingston Ontario has placed significant energy in their vision of being a smart city where history and innovation thrive. With a stable and diversified economy that includes global corporations, innovative startups and all levels of government, Kingston’s high quality of life offers access to world-class education and research institutions, advanced healthcare facilities, affordable living and vibrant entertainment.


Enjoy Kingston’s smaller community feel, balanced with the benefits of a big city like focus on innovation and development that create opportunities that might not be possible in larger markets.


If you’re considering building your career in Kingston, Ontario and don’t already know why you should love it, visit Possible Made Here to discover Kingston’s advantage.