We go beyond delivering exceptional
project management and civil engineering services...
We become an extension of your team, dedicated to your success.

We go beyond delivering exceptional project management and civil engineering services...
We become an
extension of your team,
dedicated to your success.

That’s The Difference

Relationship Building: We cultivate strong relationships with key government agencies, streamlining the approvals process and navigating regulations. Our expertise saves you time and frustration.


Strategic Planning: We meticulously plan each phase of your project, identifying and addressing critical elements early on. Our laser focus on critical tasks promotes smooth progress and timely delivery.


Proactive Problem-Solving: We don’t wait for problems to arise; we anticipate them and implement solutions before they impact your project. Our proactive approach minimizes delays and costly surprises.


Client Reporting: We provide comprehensive and timely reports, keeping you informed and in control of your project’s progress.


Technical Oversight: We assemble the best team for your project, hand-picking top professionals in their field. We provide continuous technical oversight, ensuring the highest quality and performance standards.


Agile Adaptability: We adapt quickly to changing needs and unforeseen circumstances. Our flexibility helps reduce needless project delays and navigate significant challenges with agility.

INSITE - Our Services

We offer comprehensive project services at every stage of land development in collaboration with our strategic partners in the land development industry, including Urban Planning, Land Surveying, Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Acoustic Consulting, Structural Engineering, and Landscape Architecture.


Our team of dedicated civil engineering and project management professionals will expertly guide you through your project, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. We’ll work closely with you to identify and mitigate potential risks, optimize your project’s design and planning, navigate regulatory compliance requirements, and manage the construction process efficiently and effectively.


Leadership & Engineering
Excellence At Every Project Stage.

Leadership & Engineering
Excellence At Every
Project Stage.

With INSITE’s early involvement in projects, we can strategize designs with the entire project team, optimize development, minimize rework, and ultimately reduce costly construction changes. INSITE provides value-added professional advice, and simplifies complexities throughout the project stages:

Due Diligence and Site Investigations

Identify higher risk factors with site specific investigations, so that the client can invest wisely.

Preliminary Design

Identify design options and cost benefit analysis to optimize returns and minimize capital costs.

Detailed Design

Prepare quality-controlled engineering reports, drawings, and cost estimates to fast-track approvals and minimize re-work. With value-added design and specifications, capital construction costs are reduced.


Thorough preparation of tender drawings, specifications, and contract documents to control construction budgets. With a quality tender package, costs are saved by reducing construction contract fees and minimizing engineering support during construction for unforeseen changes.


Administer Contract, issue site instructions, change orders, payment certifications; Reduce risks to the client, contractors, and consultants.

Build Your Career at
INSITE Project Consulting!

We approach work and life with curiosity, thoughtfulness, and vision, applying these to every project. As a result, people like you and I get to live, connect and thrive in the communities that our clients develop!


That’s how the INSITE difference begins with you!

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